1.    Can I still apply for the major if I am in my 7th  semester?
Answer: The deadline to declare is until the beginning of the sixth term the students are registering. Therefore, it is not possible to apply for the major if you are in our 7th semester.

2.    Can I take the courses before I declare the major- Will the courses I took before declaration be counted towards the major?
Answer: Yes.

3.    I took the psychology courses as free electives before declaring the major. After I declare the major, do they still count as free electives towards my major?

Answer: Yes.  Some of them might be in our Elective Corses list. Check with our program coordinator, Çağla Aydın.

4.    Can I complete the Psychology Major and Minor simultaneously?

Answer: No, the Minor courses are a subset of Major courses. Academically, it is not meaningful to complete a minor in your major program. Please explore the other interesting minor programs at Sabancı University (LINKS).

5.    What are the required courses?

Answer: Please see the PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS tab on this website.

6.    What courses should I start with if I am considering the Psych Major?

Answer: Please see the PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS tab on this website. You can also contact the program coordinator for an appointment.

7.    Why are math courses required for this major?

Answer: Statistical knowledge is a must in any psychology training. In order to fully comprehend the logic behind statistics and psychologists need statistics, mathematics courses such as probability theory should be taken.