Lemi Baruh's Talk


Sabancı University

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences




A Power Point Presentation


“The Guilty Pleasure of Watching Like Big Brother:Privacy Attitudes,Voyeurism & Reality Programs




 Dr. Lemi Baruh

Ph.D (2007)

Annenberg School for Communication,
University of Pennsylvania

Wednesday, June13, 2007

14:00FASS 2034


 Since becoming a staple of primetime programming, reality programs have frequently been portrayed as a sign of base voyeurism and contemporary society’s fascination with the private lives of others. Despite the frequency of such comments, however, there is little research about the relationship between reality programming, voyeurism and privacy.  This presentation provides an overview of a dissertation thesis project that addresses this void by investigating how television viewers’ voyeuristic tendencies and privacy expectations factor into the choices they make about watching reality programs.