Psikoloji Semineri: Laith Al-Shawaf (The University of Texas)



Psikoloji Semineri: Laith Al-Shawaf (The University of Texas)




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Discovering Disgust: Stress, Food Preferences, and Mating Psychology


Laith Al-Shawaf

(The University of Texas)


6 Mart 2015, Cuma

10:30  SSBF 2034



Disgust is a universal human emotion that spans a wide variety of research areas,including social, cognitive, and health psychology. In this talk, I present novel empirical discoveries and advance new theoretical directions for the study of disgust, placing special emphasis on how emotions research can bridge traditionally disconnected domains of psychological science. Specifically, I present results from recently published studies revealing previously unknown relationships between disgust and domains of psychology ranging from stress to food preferences to human mating. I conclude by 1) suggesting important questions for future research on emotion and cognition, 2) discussing experiments currently underway to answer new puzzles, and 3) presenting an integrative evolutionary framework for the study of emotion.


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