Tuğçe Yüksel

E-Mail :
Phone : 0216-483-9987
Title : Faculty Member
Education : Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2015

M.S. , Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 2010

B.S. , Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 2007
Areas of Interest : Vehicle Electrification
Sustainable Transportation
Vehicle Dynamics
Publications :
Yüksel, Tuğçe and Litster, Shawn and Viswanathan, Venkatasubramanian and Michalek, Jeremy J. (2017) "Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle LiFePO4 battery life implications of thermal management, driving conditions, and regional climate", Journal of Power Sources, Vol.338, 49-64 (SCI)
SU Öncesi Yayınları:
  • Yuksel, T., Tamayao, M.M., Hendrickson, C., Azevedo, I. & Michalek, J.J. (2016) “Effect of regional grid mix, driving patterns and climate on the comparative carbon footprint of gasoline and plug-in electric vehicles in the United States”, Environmental Research Letters, v11 n4 044007.
  • Yuksel, T. & J.J. Michalek (2015) "Effects of regional temperature on electric vehicle efficiency, range, and emissions in the United States," Environmental Science and Technology, v49 n6 p3974-3980.
  • Kara E.C., Kolter Z., Berges M., Krogh B., Hug G. & Yuksel,T. (2013) “A moving horizon state estimator in the control of thermostatically controlled loads for demand response”, Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), 2013 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE.
  • Yuksel, T. & Michalek, J.J. (2012) “Development of a simulation model to analyze the effect of thermal management on battery life”, SAE Technical Paper 2012-01-0671.
  • Yuksel, T. & Michalek, J.J. (2012) “Evaluation of the Effects of Thermal Management on Battery Life in Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles”, Proceedings of Battery Congress 2012, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, April 23-24, 2012.