Public Lecture: Richa Nagar



“From Feminist Fieldwork to Collaborative Praxis:

Lessons from Sangtin Yatra/ Playing with Fire”

by Richa Nagar*

University of Minnesota

Date: April 30th, 2012, Monday

Time: 17.00

Where: Sabancı University Communication Center in Karaköy


This talk will analyze the challenges faced by the Sangtin Writers and Richa Nagar in the writing and sharing process of the book Playing With Fire in and outside of IndiaIt will explore the politics of method and questions of power in academic research and writing through Richa Nagar's practical experience as an intellectual and cultural/political worker since 1989, working with communities and audiences located in starkly different worlds. The talk aims to bring academic audiences with a wide range of NGO representatives and activists.

Playing  With Fire, which caused a series of significant academic and political debates with regard to caste, gender and development in India, has recently been translated into Turkish and published by Ayizi Yayıncılık (Ateşle Oynamak, 2011). 

The public lecture will be in English with English-Turkish simultaneous translation.

*Richa Nagar currently is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota at Gender Women and Sexuality Studies teaching politics on development, feminism and practice and people’s movements. She scholarly writes in the areas of on understanding the politics and processes associated with empowerment projects focused on women and the poor, and the ways in which multiple hierarchies associated with these can be interrupted through collaborative knowledge production and dissemination across the borders of North/South, academia/activism, and elite/"vernacular” languages is highly respected in the academia. Richa Nagar’s latest book Playing with Fire has recently been translated into Turkish and published by Ayizi Yayıncılık (Ateşle Oynamak, 2011). The book has already been received with great interest in the gender studies community and by women’s organizations across Turkey.