ISType 2012 Transmit


The upcoming ISType 2012 will be held between June 15 through 18 under the theme of “Transmit.” ISType (Istanbul Type Seminars), conceived by Onur Yazicigil and Alessandro Segalini, is a lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey.

The first and well-received event was held in September 2011 with a focus on lectures and practical workshops meant to set structured approaches to typographic education and theory by embracing history, calligraphy, technology, math, programming, and drawing and art.

This year’s keynote speakers are: award-winning type designer Professor Gerard Unger; prolific writer and designer Ellen Lupton, Senior Curator of Contemporary Design atCooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum; and David Lemon, Type Development Sr. Manager at Adobe.

You may register the conference at: The goal of the event is to provide students, professionals and enthusiasts with an international gathering where ideas and inspiration can be shared and thrived. Moreover, ISType aims to contribute to the development of a typographic heritage in Turkey in which future generations can explore and create further contributions to typographic design and practice.