Conversation with Dan Graham & Corey McCorkle and Protocinema exhibition


Protocinema and Sabancı University present Dan Graham's conversation with Corey McCorkle on September 15, 2011 at 17:00, Cezayir Hayriye Cad. N:12, Galatasaray.

Dan Graham's exhibition will be held between September 12 - October 1, 2011 at İnönü Cad. N:9A, Beyoğlu

Among the primary concerns in Graham’s work are his interest in language, music, architecture and the ways in which spaces define, and are defined by, social interaction. As Protocinema is an experiment in making moving exhibitions, in New York and Istanbul, the confluent shifts of meaning, location, space and audience have shared importance. The opportunity for Graham to exhibit his work in a storefront near Taksim Square, the center of Istanbul, expands his dialogue around responses to the public spaces of corporate capitalism.

PROTOCINEMA is an experiment in making moving exhibitions in New York and Istanbul. Exhibitions are presented in temporary and/or disused spaces, specific to each artist. PROTOCINEMA creates opportunities for emerging and established artists from all regions to realize new work and exhibit existing work in a variety of contexts that are open to the public, and accessible to a wide range of individuals.