VACD lecture series: Nina Czegledy: Art & Science & Technology Knowledge Transfer - Alternative Options


Over the centuries Science, Art and Technology have often been considered as separate practices both by professionals and the general public. In reality today, creative technology, science, art  - what is known to many as new media- and everyday life seem to be more intimately linked than ever before. To support this shift, new-media art education programs are emerging globally at an extraordinary rate. This explosion has not been pre-planned; it is mainly due to tremendous student interest. Despite the widespread concern on behalf of academics and students, little public debate exists yet on the need for critical education in art & science & technology. Moreover, educators admit to a palpable tension between academic and vocational education. Yet, from Bogotá to Beirut, an increasing number of professionals are deeply involved in the convergence of mobile communication, arts& science projects, on-line communities, and urban space. They frequently work in cross-disciplinary teams, connecting from remote locations and collaborating in hybrid environments. This illustrates how the changing nature of media art landscape is rapidly shifting. Various options will be discussed in this presentation beginning with novel incentives and including vulnerable crossing points leading to hybrid educational projects and interdisciplinary practice. The bird eye view of this landscape is gained from recent personal experience/ or contacts and thus the picture might seem to be fragmented, however these are only the beginnings: the concept and practice of these hybrid educational projects are still in progress. 


Date: November 5, 2009

Time: 15:00

Place: FASS Room 1014