VACD Workshop - Tangible Interfaces for Education Contexts


Embodied and tangible interaction is a hot topic in the Digital Media Field.
This new kind of interaction seems to allow more intuitive and more
“natural” access to computer intelligence that becomes more and more
embedded in physical artefacts of everyday life. Yet, the interaction beyond
screen and mouse is hiding what is going on inside the black box even more
than it happened before with the GUI interface. Though, in our approach at the
dimeb (Digital Media Education) research group at the University of Bremen,
we apply construction activities of tangibles in order to look what is happening inside.
We want to make our concept come alive by inviting the participants to invent,
to conceptualize, to construct and to program tangible artifacts
themselves and present their result in the end.
Speaker Bio:
Heidi Schelhowe is a full professor at the computer science department at the
University of Bremen She is head of interdisciplinary team of 12 researchers,
conducting research projects, funded by state, By different institutions and
organizations, and by EU.
Nadine Dittert is a scientist working in the research group of digital media in
education (dimeb). She is responsible for the concept, development, planning
and implementation of the workshops with tangible technology.
This intensive workshop will have a maximum capacity of 16 participants only,
and will take place at Sabanci University campus (22, 23 Oct) and
Karakoy Communication Center (24 Oct).
Please email :, in order to participate.
Alex Wong / Tel : +90216-4839276