Construct/Nazlı Sanberk-Murat Germen photography exhibit,French C.I.


Venue: French Cultural Institute, Taksim

Date: 17 October 2007 Wednesday

Time: 19:00


Sand, cement, iron, steel... When thinking about the process of construction, it can be seen that in essence buildings with completely different characters are actually made up of very similar if not the same basics... Otherness emerging from similarity... Just as different human beings formed from the combination of only four letters arranged in a double helix called the DNA ...
“Construct” aims at trying to uncover these ephemeral original characteristics and beauties hidden under various layers that will most probably never again reappear in their barest form.

Nazlı Sanberk



The notion of incompleteness that is present inherently in the act of construction, pushes us to think more about a particular space, due to the fact that a complete building looses its narrative potential: There is no puzzle to solve anymore… Construction sites are like historical ruins; Paul Zucker asserts in his article ‘Ruins: An Aesthetic Hybrid’ that “ruins have held for a long time a unique position in the visual, emotional, and literary imagery of man. Devastated by time or willful destruction, incomplete as they are, they represent a combination of man-made forms and of organic nature.” Resting on this statement, the more incomplete the "construct" is; the more organic life gets, the more surprises and the less boundaries we have: Hoping the flexibility within the incompleteness in the construction process will relax the completeness of the dogmatic type of mental construct…

Murat Germen