10th International Istanbul Biennial



The 10th International Istanbul Biennial  will focus on urban issues and architectural reality as a means of exposing different cultural contexts and artistic visions regarding the complex and diverse forms of modernity.
More than 100 artists and artist groups from 35 different countries will exhibit more than 150 projects throughout the 10th International Istanbul Biennial.
10th International Istanbul Biennial will explore the venues through titles implying the venues' role in Istanbul's political, economic and social aspects of its modernisation process.

"Burn It or Not?", Atatürk Cultural Centre, Taksim
A leading example of the Republican Period Architecture and a symbol of the Taksim Square, the heart of Istanbul, the AKM Building serves as a major element of the city's cultural and political memory. Obviously, this modernist edifice incarnates the ideological model of Turkey's modernization driven by its republican revolutionary project. However, today it is under the threat of being gentrified by global capitalism's expansion. Through using this building as an important venue for the Biennial with an exhibition focusing on the question of utopia and its fate all around the world; questions of social progress, modernization and democracy, etc. in the current conditions of globalization will be raised and debated.

"World Factory", Istanbul Textile Traders' Market, Unkapani
The Istanbul Textile Traders' Market, buit in the 60s consists of six blocks which accommodate approximately a thousand shops. This intelligently designed vernacular modernist building, explored by its users in an organic and self-organizational manner, shows an interesting and peculiar case of how local economic activities with a modern vision bring a vital element to contribute to the urban evolution. And it's a perfect site for the project "World Factory" that manifests the reality and strategies of the negotiation between developed and developing worlds in terms of different models of production, consumption and economic development in the age of globalization and geopolitical conflicts.

"Entre-polis" and "Dream House", Antrepo no.3, Tophane
Old customs warehouses located on the Bosporus near Tophane were used for the 4th, 8th and 9th Istanbul Biennials. This particular location, function and architectural identity allow a highly complex project to grow from within: two exhibitions will be realized in two overlapping structures. An "Entre-polis", dealing with issues of global trading, migration, border crossing and their impacts on urban life will be constructed in a labyrinth-like street-square-street micro-urban structure. Above this micro-city, there will be a series of high-rise platforms opening only in the evenings. They are "Dream Houses" that welcome people to stay and discover some most unexpected elements of the Biennial, and enjoy Istanbul by night from an unusual angle.

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Atatürk Cultural Centre > Taksim
İstanbul Textile Traders’ Market > Unkapanı
Antrepo No.3 > Tophane
santralistanbul > Silahtarağa Elektrik Santrali, Eyüp
Kadıköy Public Education Centre > Bahariye Cad. No.39, Kadıköy

AKM, Antrepo No.3, santralistanbul, KAHEM: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-19.00
"Dream House", Antrepo No.3: Friday-Saturday 20.00-04.00
İMÇ: Tuesday-Saturday 10.00-19.00.
The venues will be open on September 10, 2007, Monday.


10B Exclusive: 50 YTL (unlimited Biennial experience for 2 people)
Full Price: 10 YTL
Groups exceeding 20 people 7 YTL
Reduced Price: 5 YTL
Groups exceeding 20 people 4 YTL
* All prices include the biennial guide.

10B Exclusive and biennial tickets are available at Biletix outlets, Biletix Call Centre, and biennial venues.


Guided tours will start daily at 11.00, 13.30, 15.00, 16.30 at Antrepo No.3 and Atatürk Cultural Centre.
Full Price: 10 YTL
Groups exceeding 20 people 7 YTL
Reduced Price: 5 YTL*
Groups exceeding 20 people 4 YTL
Students, senior citizens, teachers and members of the International Association of Plastic Arts are eligible for reduced price tickets.