FASS Seminar:İnci Özüm Üçok, Hofstra University


Sabancı University

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences



Program of the visit of


İnci Özüm Üçok, Ph.D

Hofstra University

Department of Speech Communication,

Rhetoric, and Performance Studies,


Monday, July 23, 2007

14:00 – 15:00 Seminar

FASS Building,2034




Communicating Mindfully in the Present Moment: The Practice and Implications of Mindfulness in Professional and Everyday Communication


Catching yourself listening to another without really paying much attention, whether the other person is someone you work with, someone you do not know well or a loved one… Speaking without connecting with what you are saying so it feels like you are just talking to fill a void… Looking without really seeing… Relating to yourself and/or others without really being where you are but in an auto-pilot mode… What are the implications of such half-hearted interactions with ourselves, others and our surroundings in our lives?

This presentation is about inhabiting your life and communicating from your presence.  It is about being fully in touch with yourself, with your surroundings, with the people you are with and interacting from that attentive, awake and sensitive state of being.  There are no easy steps that will tell or show you how to “get there,” mainly because we are not to get anywhere to inhabit our lives but to arrive here.  This presentation is a mutual exploration of what it is to “arrive here” and connect from your whole your being.  Implications of mindful presence on various aspects of communication will be explored, such as listening, conflict management, public speaking.