Space and objects can be the creator and protector of a memory of society or individual. Addressing the intricate relationship between space-object and memory, Pierre Nora points out that memory is spatially established. It is evident that the physical objects left behind in ruined, plundered, abandoned, forgotten or left places triggered the common symbolic memory. Memory spaces open common memory, whether personal or social, private or public. As long as the connections exist, it is possible to remember. the association reflected from a place or object that no longer exists allows for a mental walk of what has been left behind.

The exhibition, titled "Abandoned", brings together the works of Gökçen Ataman, Gümüş Özdeş, Fadime Aygün, Onur Gürkan, Özden Demir and Seydi Murat Koç, both of which have different and common intersections. In the demolition age, these artists are looking for a trace, a sign, a memory fragment between the places left, objects, people and situations.