"Prevantoryum" in Kasa Gallery


"Preventantium" means the public institution where preventive protection / remedial measures are applied to those who are at risk of developing the disease but have not yet acquired the disease. the exhibition makes Validebağ Korus a common area for all spatial experiences where the future of combating historical / social / urban and ecological awareness is rehearsed. The artists consider Validebağ Korusu as a reconnaissance, recording, researching, remembering, documenting and representation scene at an appropriate encounter distance. When they do so, they turn the public space into a carrier of meaning, starting from a set of elements and traces of wood. The exhibition has consists design, photography, video and space arrangement, research and documentation. Çağrı Saray approached Validebağ Korusu within the framework of the main axes of the subjective art practice. The artist proposes a reading in the transformation of 'space' in the context of the relations between the power mechanisms and the meta-economy, the collective memory and the influence of the public sphere interventions in the disintegration of history. Elif Çelebi deals with Validebağ Korusu in the perspective of a hierarchy-above point of view among living species that are active in own art practice. The artist takes a close look at the park's ecosystem by making the Validebag Corps a research field for the "natural" processes of change, ecological continuity and the relationship between man and nature, with the production reflected by the idea of passivity, transience and fluidity.

In "Prevantoryum", Elif Çelebi and Çağrı Saray both share a different and common narrative method at the same time, taking a delicate balance between the practice of documentation and artistic interpretation. The exhibition can be viewed at Kasa Gallery until 2 May 2018.