"Impossible Space"


Can seeing “the whole world as a foreign land” make creative thinking possible? Can any kind of definition of geography, land, place, city, neighborhood, home, and spatial attachment be still possible with today’s mindset? In the chain of events from physical destruction to the devastation of humanity, can creative action as an expression of collective consciousness and common culture be home to things left behind by destruction and devastation?


The “Impossible Space” exhibition to be held on 23 March – 5 May at the Kasa Gallery gathers the works of Deniz Aktaş, İhsan Oturmak and Hasan Pehlevan that are developed around those questions and based on concepts of place, attachment, destruction, construction, and memory.


Deterritorialized spaces of Deniz Aktaş drags us along uncanny, silent, but ghastly landscapes without getting us involved in the tragedy of reality. İhsan Oturmak’s new urban landscapes that take their reference from Çatalhöyük gives us an utopic dream of collective life, a space to rehearse our dreams. Hasan Pehlevan’s temporary interventions on disappearing spaces function as spaces pointing to how urban destruction makes the abyss between social strata more visible. “Impossible Space” points to deterritorialized, out of context, impossible spaces. The exhibition can be viewed at Kasa Gallery until May 5, 2017.

Kasa Gallery

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