Exhibition: Shore



The exhibition titled “Shore” which conceptual framework created by Murat Germen. “Shore” brings together two photography artists Ece Gökalp and Ekin Özbiçer. According to Murat Germen “shore is threshold, door, boundary, infinity… Is the shore where expectations hit the edge or drift towards the open sea?”. The artists who participated to the exhibition come together around the questions and the concept.

Ece Gökalp (Born 1988 in Istanbul) lives and works in Berlin / Istanbul and is after her master's degree at the UdK, Berlin in the “Art in Context” program. Using mixed media techniques, she deploys photography as a tool and a goal. Gökalp, is interested in theoretical discussions on photography’s potential in representing the reality. The photograph’s physical and semantic journey, subsequent to printing process, constitutes the departure point of her works. The artist focuses, in her photographical documentation process, on humankind’s relationships with its environment, family, nature, society and each other.

Ekin Özbiçer (Born 1984 in Izmir) studied photography at FAMU in Prague. She documents the ordinary relationships people initiate in public places like streets, markets, wedding salons, luxury hotels, pubs, cafés; by capturing usually ignored surrealist moments. The ongoing series titled "Auto-orientalist" traces the new socio-cultural facts and aesthetic phenomena that the artist witnessed in her native environment that has undergone excessively rapid change. Ekin Özbiçer aims to leave documents that prove “somewhere, some people lived like this,” while she realizes herself as an artist; continuing her professional life and art projects in Istanbul.