"Confrontations" Gdansk University students at FASS Art Gallery


Maja Bieńkowska, Kamila Chronowska, Marta Kąkel, Aleksandra Panek, Marcin
  Pawlikowski, Renata Sztandarowicz, Magdalena Wałdoch, Anna Wojciechowska

Over one year ago we started our adventure with photography at Gdańsk
University from different levels. Some of us came with experience in this
field, the others were totally fresh, but we had one common thing that
gathered us together - it was passion to photography. So we started work to
improve our skills, being supervised by patience professors who taught us
and inspired to become better and better. Sometimes we were looking for
inspirations in works of famous artists, we had to fight with time pressure
and find the way to be persuade in our message, and that's how the works
that you can see were created, as our confrontations with light and shadow,
colours, shapes, it's our ideas about reality and its interpretations.