"Reflections of the Memory" Aleksandra Żukowska


"Reflections of the Memory"” is a collection of artworks combining the
traditional printmaking techniques with the analog and digital photography.
The old photographs from the 80’s found after 30 years in the family album
were a starting point of creating the collection of intaglio prints based
on memories. The prints made in the aquatint and etching printmaking
techniques are the symbolic reflections of the analog photographs. The
works presented at the exhibition are the digital prints based on the
intaglio prints combined with the photographic source material as well as
with the contemporary photographs of the author connected to the idea of
artistic creation and searching for her own identity. The context for the
artistic research is the relation between the dimension of time and memory,
in which the transience and passing intertwine with the the durability and
timelessness captured in the photographic frames.