The exhibition of Jasmina Tomic at FASS Art Gallery opens on Monday


Jasmina Tomic graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts, New Zealand's leading art school, in the year 2000 and received her MA in Paris (Paris 8 Saint Denis). She exhibited in Auckland, Paris, New York, Beijing and Shangai. In New Zealand her work was selected as public art. Jasmina moved to Paris where she increasingly become involved in fashion photography while her art practice continued to develop to critical acclaim. Jasmina now lives in New York where she works as an independent art photographer and a photographer for the fashion and music industries. She has been a member of Wayfarers Art Collective since 2011.

The exhibition of Jasmina Tomić at FASS Art Gallery opens on Monday, 16 February at 15:30 and will remain on display until 28 February. In the first week of the exhibition (Monday-Thursday) the artist will take part in a series of discussions with HUM 202 students and separately with VAVCD students.