A Summer High School Students Exhibit.


Human, City and Nature:

Interestingly the selfish gene of human being always place ourself first, follow by the materialistic need and excessive daily consumption. The human population and expansion of cityscape are rapidly taking over the nature. There is a need to see ourself as part of the living space - Universe, in another words we're insignificant and puny.

In the Photography to Video Artistic Practice course, high school students learnt how to see and observe the ordinary, to visualize, to compose and to create fundamental concept related with their playful thoughts - Human, City and Nature. Students gain a fundamental understanding of creative versus critical thinking, and investigate the role of human, urban and nature in their everyday living environment, using photography and video as their medium of expression.

Nonetheless, the student’s cultural backgrounds play a very important role in the Drawing and Animated Drawings course. Based on their memories with the actress’ performance, which they then portray own uniqueness in their drawings and sketches. The actress also brings her own performing background and interpretations to the performance, which gives the students a chance to study unexpected body language and facial expressions. 

Image by Ayça Düzgüner.

Image by Ege Şafak and Doğukan Sunar.

Image by Emin Berker.