Drawing Theatre is invited by City Gallery in Wroclaw


The student’ s cultural backgrounds play a very important part in the drawings in the course VA 323 Figure Drawing. Pulling their memories into the actress’ performance, which they then portray in their works. The actress also brings her own background and interpretations to the performance, which gives the students a chance to study unexpected body language and facial expressions. Culturally specific gestures and body language is used in the performance to place the actress in Turkey.

 Wieslaw Zaremba have done hundreds of sketches in few seconds while he was watching the Bremen Dance Theater in Germany in 1980’s. This practice is the basic task of the course “Figure Drawing”. Thanks to friends of Zaremba from Bremen Theatre who were Julie Shanahan and Orlando Fornaris, he could study the rehearsal of “Föhn” by Rainhield Hoffman. He had found out that this experience was very close to Polish Tadeusz Kantor “Theater of Death”.