FASS-VACD Seminar: Museum Management and Curatorship.


FASS-VACD Seminar: Museum Management and Curatorship.

Date: 2 October, 2013 (Wednesday).

Time: 11:30-12:30.

FASS 1014 studio.

(This seminar is open to everyone)

Speaker: Billur Tansel

After having finished the French high-school Ecole Française Pierre Loti in Istanbul, Billur Tansel continued her university studies at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia, USA and obtained two majors in economics and philosophy. An MBA degree obtained from two universities in unison Sorbonne and Dauphine Universities.  Her career as an academician started at the Visual Communication Design Department/ Faculty of Communication at year 2006 where she also obtained a second masters degree in visual communication design, her thesis was entitled “Study And Analysis of the Traditional Aesthetics in Art As Opposed to the New Aesthetics in Digital Art”.  She currently teaches Art Philosophy in the Fine Arts Faculty of Yeditepe university, and has been actively enrolled in the art scene as the director of reputable art galleries in Istanbul, such as Casa Dell’Arte and 44A, as well as the Art Director of the Casa Dell’Arte Art Hotel in Bodrum between 2008 and 2011 and has curated and is in the process of curating exhibitions in and outside of Turkey.   Several of her articles have been published in art magazines and books. Since 2011, she has been the Director of Proje4L/ Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul.