3. ISType conference and workshop series: June 13-16 2013


The third ISType conference and workshop series are scheduled for June 13–16, 2013 under the theme “Stroke.” This year we will have 2 keynote speakers, 8 speakers, and 5 practical workshops. Esteemed Canadian typographer, poet and author Robert Bringhurst and Dutch typographer, typeface designer and author Gerrit Noordzij will be the keynote speakers.

As Gerrit Noordzij writes in his book, The Stroke, after the development of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages, the consolidation of the word shape (“the interruption of the rhythmic integrity of the line”) is the single most important invention in the history of mankind. The word — and with it reading — is what triggered major advances in civilizations, recording its own origins in the Carolingian minuscule hand in the first half of the seventh century. The ascenders and descenders stroke pattern of a letter style, and the placement and form of the negative parts, create the characteristic word image and determine legibility.

ISType 2013 aims to address the theme Stroke in the manner of human mark-making whether it is within the scope of a Western, Middle Eastern or Far Eastern stroke. Stroke as the simple base/urge for human communication.

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