ReHEARsal at FASSart Gallery!



We as humans are experiencing an enormous change in our relations with the representations of the things. Human body is considered no longer to be a static structure for interaction. In Rehearsal, we are able to move freely in a mediated environment to create various gestures to manipulate representations of our body reflections.

Rehearsal is a responsive system based on motion tracking technology which was made possible with NUI (Natural User Interface) and visualised with visualized software. The participant is invited into an environment where their silhouette is abstracted and projected onto opposing surfaces composed of lines. These lines suggest a rigid and regimented architecture. However once the participant begins to move, the rigid lines become fluid and respond, warp and fluctuate while sounds begin to resonate in response to the participants gestures. The data collected from the gestures of participants is forwarded to a synthesizer over Pure Data and processed according to the user interaction.

The participant’s new embodiment interacts with an ever-changing system. This allows the participant the opportunity to play and alter their reality and it’s new augmented state. Thereofore, through play we are simulating new possibilites. The participants are forced to re-encounter themselves from a different perspective and with a different set of rules and results. This project through it’s use of interactive and responsive systems creates a space for positive re-imagining. The project aims to encourage us to question and possibly re-structure the environments we find ourselves in, rigid as they may seem, realizing new ways to interact and create together.

Curator: Selçuk Artut

Consept Design: Gürkan Kurtbay

Creative / Coding: Servet Ekber Ulaş

Sound Design: Deniz Sağlam

Cocktail : April 12, 2013 Friday 17:00