Eren Günseli receives TÜBİTAK support

Published on 24.11.2020 09:21

Information exchange between long-term memory and working memory for adaptive behavior


Memory is essential to most functions of humans. We use memory to guide our behaviors and to make better decisions. In terms of neural activity, we store information passively in long-term memory or actively in working memory. Each memory is better suited for performing different sets of tasks. However, whether humans can strategically choose to rely on active or passive memories to maximize task performance is currently unknown.

With the support of the International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers program provided by Tübitak, Eren Günseli will investigate the continuous interplay between working memory and long-term memory. Given that such interplay is at the heart of many daily tasks performed by humans, this project will contribute to a better understanding of human memory and memory-based behaviors.